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How to Buy Vuse Products?

How to Buy Vuse Vape Products?

Vuse is now available at your doorstep with its array of new products that are available online; you just need a click to buy. So, how do you buy Vuse vape products online in Bangladesh? Yes, you can purchase vapes from an online company that’s licensed to sell nicotine products.

 ♦ Follow the quick instructions:

  •  Go to our vuse page
  •  Add your items to the shopping basket
  •  Give your mobile number for OTP Verify
  •  Give few Personal Information for age verify
  •  After giving your delivery address, go to payments to purchase Vuse products.

 ♦  Before Know what is needed to buy vuse products:-

  • To buy vapes in Bangladesh, you must be of legal age 18+.
  • You need a valid mobile number to buy Vuse products.
  • You need a Nid (National ID Card or driving license or passport number.
  • For verification, you will need a clear background photo (National ID Card or driving license or passport number front and backside photo with a face photo.

Here are the steps to purchasing VUSE products in Bangladesh:

  • Visit the Xclusive Brands BD website. Along the top of the website, you will see a taskbar that contains several tabs, including Department Vuse.
    Click “Vuse”. Show A window with a popup option will appear. A question will appear directly beneath the “Yes” or “No” button, asking if you are 18 or older. Please verify your age before entering the site. *Are you over 18 years of age? Type “Yes” if you are 18+ or older.

  • Go to the vuse landing page and take your desired products shopping cart and go to or checkout page.

  • To purchase products, go to the cart page and create an account or log in. To create a new account, follow this process.
    After you successfully create an account, you will be redirected to the cart page and get a popup for mobile number verification. For an OTP, enter your phone number and click the “Submit” button. You will receive a random OTP code to your phone, which you must enter in the OTP box and click the “Submit” button. You have received a confirmation text.

Note: Give the mobile number for the next step that you verify now.

  • After showing a user verification popup, Your will need to require on Pop up from some Personal Information (if new account)
    Mobile Number: It automatically requires the box that you have before you verify OTP.

Your Name: Give your right Name matching NID card or National ID Driving License or Passport.
Father’s Name: Give your Father’s following NID card or National ID Driving License or Passport.
Date of Birth: Give your date of birth following your NID card, national ID, driving license, or passport.
Gender: Select your gender Male or Female
Occupation: Select the Occupation

    •  Independent Business
    •  Private Service
    • Government Service
    • Self-employed
    • Student
    • Banker
    • Advocate
    • Media/Journalist
    • Doctor
    • Engineer
    • Homemaker
    • Others
  • Email: ID Type: Give your valid email address
    Select ID Type: Select ID verification way.

    • National ID
    • Driving License
    • Passport
  • ID Number: Give your national ID number, driving license number, or passport number that you selected.
  • Photo verification: Upload your verification ID image in Front and Back font and upload your photo from your device.
    • ID Image Front:
    • ID Image Back:
  •  Your Photo:

3. Click the “SUBMIT” button

All processing is done here after the need to process the billing information and payment.

Note: These processes are only applicable for Bangladesh.

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