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Introducing VUSE Quality

At Vuse, we understand that you may have real concerns about vaping, especially when you have seen online and heard about certain vaping products in the media. We want to give you the right information to answer your question and make an informed vaping decision because at Vuse, quality matters.  

VUSE is a pioneer in steam science

Consumers are at the forefront of Vuse’s product development. This is why teams of vaping experts, technicians, scientists, and engineers carefully create ePod2 and pods. 

How does VUSE stand out for its quality?

Consumer satisfaction is the core of everything in product design, development, and production. Vaping experts examine every detail of the products, from what goes into the liquid to what comes out of the vapor.

Only high-quality ingredients are used in liquids.

They are evaluating each component and each component. Examine each batch of liquids and ensure quality that they are identifiable and temper-proof.

All designed products with safety features to protect them from overvoltage and overheating. Strict production process and quality control are applied.

Quality values ​​on vaping

Advocating for the quality of vaping products and contributing to the world’s first voluntary standards on vaping created by the French Standards Institute AFNOR and the British Standards Institute.

360 from a scientific point of view

Their goal is to make the most reliable product possible. Therefore, sophisticated testing is done for components and materials. Each product employs more than 50 scientists, covering topics ranging from toxicology to device development and manufacturing, from bioscience to analytical computing. 

How rigorously are VAPE products tested?

VAPE All products go through 1,000 hours of testing by 50 scientists before they reach you. Only when it is fully realized that each product meets high quality standards is it marketed.  

Process stages: 

How do Vuse users vape?

Vuse scientists use a vaping serving machine to determine how long and how deeply consumers breathe when using vapor.

Vapor inhalation

The devices are then connected to a vaping simulator. It mimics the behavior of steam and collects steam for detailed analysis. 

3. Vapor analysis 

Vuse scientists identify its components through a chromatographic test of the vapor. 

4. Material evaluation 

The ingredients are then evaluated by Vuse professional toxicologists. 

5. Reformation and reengineering Based on the research, the devices are redesigned to refine liquids and improve vapor quality. Only high quality pharmaceutical and food ingredients are used to maximize the purity of the ingredients. 

6. Approval process 

This whole process is repeated for each liquid process, formulation and device until you are completely satisfied with each result. 

Laboratory Extensive analytical techniques, specialized technology and expertise are used to develop and perform detailed testing of our products in-house and with accredited third party laboratories. 

The flavors and liquids that are made, and the devices that are made and the combinations that they market. 

Topography Vapor Machine 

This technology is used to measure vaping behavior, especially how long, how deep, and how often consumers vaporize [SD1] [AB2]. 

This is a means by which a consumer is expected to come in contact with the average amount of vapor throughout the day. 

A clear understanding of these vaping patterns helps to design risk assessment studies. 

Vaping simulator 

This cute kit mimics the work of vaping. This helps you set the maximum number of puffs from each vaping device. 

The machine also has a filter pad that allows it to collect steam and analyze its components. 

Chromatography machine 

This machine is used to detect the components of vapor after being collected on the filter pad by the vapor simulator. 

Vapor analyzer 

Also use this technology to measure the size of the vapor droplets to understand how well the human body is able to absorb the droplets of different sizes produced by the device. 

Structure room 

Vuse scientists and taste buds refine the formulations. This cycle of testing and refinement is repeated until one is satisfied with this formulation. 

From toxicology to device development and manufacturing, from bioscience to analytical computing, they each have a 360-degree perspective to collaborate with engineers and scientists. 

Hopefully this article has provided you with all the information related to Vuse product development and testing process.

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