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Galaxy & Friends Hot Chocolate Dolce Gusto Pods

৳  850

Only 2 left in stock

SKU: XB1904
Category: Beverage, Dolce Gusto Coffee Pods
Tags: Nescafe Dolce Gusto
Indulgent limited edition selection pack of hot chocolate pods including Galaxy Pods, Twix Pods, Milky Way Pods and Maltesers Pods.
  • 2 Galaxy Hot Chocolate Pods – smooth and creamy Galaxy hot chocolate. Made with REAL Galaxy Chocolate.
  • 2 Twix Hot Chocolate Pods – a delicious combination of chocolate, caramel and biscuit flavours.
  • 2 Milky Way Pods – the perfect combination of chocolate, cream and caramel flavours.
  • 2 Maltesers Pods – winning combination of maltiness and hot chocolate.
  • Number of drinks per box: 8
  • Best Before: 08/08/2022
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