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Dyno-tab® Plus Injector Cleaner

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SKU: XB0886
Category: Automotive, Injector Cleaner
Tags: Dyno-tab
To get the most performance and power from your fuel, use Dyno-tab® Plus Injector Cleaner to maintain an optimal fuel injector environment. It provides the ultimate in high-performance additives for…

Injector cleaner Dyno-tab® Plus helps you take advantage of the full potential of your fuel injectors. When used with Dyno-tab® Fuel Treatment, it’s the ultimate high-performance additive to boost performance every third fill-up.

  • Contains six 0.5 gram tablets
  • Each tablet treats 8 gallons (30 liters)
  • Use Dyno-tab® Plus Injector Cleaner to keep your fuel injectors clean and functioning properly to get all the power and performance from the fuel you buy.


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