Pre-Order Policy & FAQs

At our online shop, we understand that anticipation often accompanies the release of highly sought-after international brand products. To cater to our customers’ needs and provide a seamless shopping experience, we offer a reliable Pre-Order Service. This service allows you to reserve and purchase your desired products in advance, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the latest releases and your favorite products. 


How Does Our Pre-Order Service Work?

Our Pre-Order Service is designed to be simple and convenient, allowing you to secure your desired products with ease. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how it works:


  1. Browse and Select

Explore our online shop and browse through our extensive collection of international brand products which are available and pre released. When you come across an item that is available for pre-order, you will see a clearly marked “Pre-Order” button or label indicating its availability.


  1. Place Your Pre-Order

Click on the “Pre-Order” button, and you will be redirected to a dedicated pre-order page for that particular product. Here, you will find detailed information about the product, including its specifications, estimated release date, and any other relevant details. Review the information carefully, select the desired variant or options (if applicable), and proceed to the checkout process.


  1. Make Payment

During the checkout process, you will be prompted to provide the necessary payment details. We accept various secure payment methods to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. Please note that some pre-orders may require full payment upfront, while others may offer the option of partial payments or deposits. The specific payment terms will be clearly stated on the pre-order page.


  1. Confirmation and Updates

Once your pre-order is successfully placed, you will receive an order confirmation via email. This confirmation will include all relevant details of your pre-order, such as the product, quantity, total cost, and any applicable shipping information. Rest assured that we will keep you informed throughout the pre-order process with regular updates on the status of your order.


  1. Product Release and Delivery

As the release date approaches, our team will diligently prepare your pre-ordered product for shipment. We work closely with trusted shipping partners to ensure prompt and secure delivery to your designated address. Depending on the availability and nature of the product, the estimated delivery timeframe may vary. However, we strive to provide accurate estimates and deliver your pre-order as soon as it becomes available.


  1. Enjoy Your Exclusive Purchase

Once your pre-order arrives, you can finally enjoy your exclusive purchase. Revel in the satisfaction of being one of the first to own the latest international brand products, knowing that you secured them in advance through our Pre-Order Service. Unbox your new items, experience their exceptional quality, and stay ahead of the fashion curve with our pre-order offerings.


Benefits of Our Pre-Order Service

Our Pre-Order Service offers several advantages that enhance your shopping experience and provide you with peace of mind:


  1. Guaranteed Availability

By pre-ordering your desired products, you secure their availability before they hit the shelves. This eliminates the disappointment of products being out of stock or unavailable when you decide to make a purchase.


  1. Exclusive Access

Pre-ordering allows you to gain exclusive access to highly anticipated international brand products. Stay ahead of the trend curve and be among the privileged few to own the latest releases.


  1. Priority Shipping

As soon as your pre-ordered product becomes available, we prioritize its shipment to ensure swift delivery to your doorstep. Our dedicated team works diligently to minimize any delays and ensure your satisfaction.


  1. Convenience and Flexibility

Our Pre-Order Service provides convenience and flexibility by allowing you to secure your desired products without the need to constantly monitor release dates or rush to make a purchase. Pre-order at your convenience, and we’ll take care of the rest.


  1. Transparent Communication

We believe in transparent and open communication with our customers. Throughout the pre-order process, we will keep you informed of any updates, including changes to release dates or unexpected delays. Our goal is to provide a transparent and seamless pre-order experience.



Our Pre-Order Service is designed to cater to your needs as a discerning customer who wants to stay ahead of the game. With guaranteed availability, exclusive access to the latest international brand products, priority shipping, convenience, and transparent communication, our Pre-Order Service ensures a satisfying and hassle-free shopping experience.

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